Hop on - Hop off Sightseeing

Call 0418 455 099 for more information

Monday & Wednesday & Friday & Saturday

All Major Attractions including War Memorial, Visitors Centre,
National Capital Exhibition, Lake Burley Griffin, Questacon,
National Library, National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, High Court,
Old Parliament House, Parliament House, Embassies, (drive by)
National Museum & National Film & Sound Archives
- with full commentary -

Tours start at Canberra Museum & Gallery (CMAG)
176 London Circuit, City Centre
9.30am : 11.00am : 12.30pm : 2.00pm : 3.30pm

Tickets sold on Bus

Family packages available - 2 adults + 2 kids, $130

One hour Loop
$30: stay on bus: minimum 2 persons
3 or more persons $25 each
Child under 16, $15

Cash, Card and EFTPOS

Hotel Pickups in orderAMAMPMPMPMPM
DEPARTS: CMAG, 176 London Circuit, City Centre   9:30   11:00   12:30      2:00   3:30drop off only
Crowne Plaza, Binara St: sign on pole - signal bus9:3511:0512:352:053:354:40
Mercure Hotel, on Ainslie Ave - sign on pole - signal bus9:4511:1512:452:153:454:40
Attractions in orderAMAMAMAMPMPM
War Memorial: Adjacent to Weary Dunlop statue - signal bus9:5011:2012:502:203:50
Anzac Parade Memorials: Drive by, every loopdrive-bydrive-bydrive-bydrive-bydrive-by
National Capital Exhibition / Canberra Visitors Centre Bus Stop9:5511:2512:552:253:55 drop off only
National Library / Questacon: Road between Library and Questacon10:0011:301:002:304:00
Lake Cruise: seasonal - One hour $23 cash only, pay at boat - 10:30AM & 1:30PM10:20pickup 11:351:20pickup 2:35
National Art Gallery / High Court / Portrait Gallery: Front of Gallery10:0511:351:052:354:05
Old Parliament House: Sign on pole near bus stop10:1011:401:102:404:10
Parliament House: Sign on pole, bus stop Federation Mall, uphill10:1511:451:152:454:15
Embassies: Drive by, every loopdrive-bydrive-bydrive-bydrive-bydrive-by
National Museum of Australia: Pickup at red fire hydrants10:3012:001:303:004:30
National Film & Sound Archive10:3012:001:303:004:30
ARRIVES back at CMAG10:3512:051:353:054:35

Booking is required if joining the bus at an Attraction.