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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a hop-on, hop-off loop bus?

The Red Explorer Bus makes several loops of Canberra's attractions each day. It starts from the centre of Canberra, known as "Civic" and then follows a predetermined loop of the attractions. Ticket Holders1 may get on or off the bus at any attraction, and may rejoin the bus as it passes on any subsequent loop.

1 excludes holders of the "Sightseeing loop" ticket which is especially designed for those that only have an hour to take-in Canberra from the comfort of the Red Explorer Bus.  

Q2. Where does the bus start?

It starts outside the Students Flights office, Platform 11, Melbourne Building, 59 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City, and then follows a predetermined loop of the attractions.  

Q3. What is the complete timetable?

You can display our current timetable using this link.  

Q4. I don't have transport - What about pickup from my accommodation?

The Red Explorer Bus will pick up from most Hotels/Motels & Caravan Parks; a fee will apply.  

Q5. Can I be picked up from the Canberra Visitor's Centre?

Yes - Just check the timetable.  

Q6. Are bookings required?

The Red Explorer Bus runs 7 days a week.  

Q7. How do I make a booking?

Bookings for the Red Explorer Bus are not required. Tickets are purchased from the driver. For all other tours, bookings can be made by calling 0418 455 099, or you can visit Student Flights at Platform 11, Melbourne Building, 59 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City  

Q8. How do I see Canberra if I only have an hour?

If you only have an hour and want to quickly get a feel for Canberra, you can do a sightseeing loop of the city. This involves staying on the Red Explorer Bus as it does a complete loop of all of Canberra's best attractions.  

Q9. How do I see Canberra if I have one day?

The all day discovery ticket is for you. This will give you the time to stop and look around any four attractions.  

Q10. How do I make the best of two days in Canberra?

We suggest that if you have two days in Canberra, you should use your all day discovery ticket to see the War Memorial, Parliament House, Old Parliament House and the National Museum of Australia on the first day. Then visit the National Capital Exhibition Centre, National Art Gallery, take a Lake Cruise, and visit the National Film and Sound Archive, on the second day.  

Q11. How do I contact Canberra Day Tours?

The best way to contact Canberra Day Tours is on our mobile phone. The number is 0418 455 099.  

Q12. How much are the entry fees to Canberra's attractions?

Most attractions have no entry fee. The Lake Cruise has a separate fee, which is paid at the boat.  

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